Race Report – Callala Classic

After a few bumps throughout the year I have officially started my triathlon comeback, and it seemed fitting for this to occur at the same place as it all began – in Callala, on the South Coast of NSW.

This event did not disappoint, with crystal clear water, sunny skies and the usual family friendly atmosphere of all Elite Energy events. Much different to the white wash terror I encountered 3 years ago! I even managed to squeeze into my wet suit for the first time in 12 months, so things were looking up.

The women’s field was small, with only 15 competitors, which made for no one to drag off and a shockingly slow swim by myself.

My training to date has also had some bumps along the way so the plan was to ride conservatively to save myself for the run. The roads in Callala are typical of a quiet coastal town – BUMPY! They also feature long undulations which really take it out of your legs after 60km. Safe to say I was already hurting as I took off for the 16km run.

By now the heat and wind had picked up and the Club Distance athletes had started to catch us, so whilst we had some distractions on course, it was hard mentally to have these people come flying past you! Finally into the last 5km and able to smell the relief of the finish line, I picked up the pace to run myself into 2nd overall.

I’m quietly pleased with this effort. Not nearly as terrible as I was expecting and a good way to finish the year and start my race season. Officially humbled with lots more work to do. Luckily the holidays have arrived so I can smash myself 🙂

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and thank you for your continued support.


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