Ride Report – Bikebug Randonnee

Randonnee – noun. Of French origin, meaning ‘long journey’.

Purely a social escapade, Bikebug hosts a Randonnee bike ride every year in Camden, which is a great opportunity for city slickers to go on a cycling adventure.

Having grown up in the Camden area, I was well aware of some nasty climbs our Randoonee route could have taken us, and having struggled to enjoy long rides of late, to be completely honest, was a little worried by the 120km challenge.

bikebug randonnee elevation

bikebug randonnee route

Nothing some new kit and clear sunny skies couldn’t fix! My love for cycling adventures has officially been re-invigorated.

new kit from bikebug and rudy project

It was a tough course, with about 5 km off road and rolling hills throughout, which really take it out of you, especially once the thermometer tips over 32 degrees.

Taking turns on the front, we got lost in the country scenery and before we knew it had arrived at the last checkpoint (90km) at beautiful Burragorgang lookout. The last 30km was all downhill, making for a lovely cruise home.

burragorang lookoout

This was my longest ride to date on Dolce Dolores. I am continually impressed by how responsive this bike is and how well it handles all terrains and surfaces.

The thing I’ve loved most about cycling since starting the sport is the chance to meet new people and explore new places, and this is what the Bikebug Randonnee is all about. I’m now super pumped for more of the same ‘long journeying’ at Jindy bike camp in the New Year. Check out some of the routes we will be taking in this link. Spots are still open if you’d like to join.

2 responses to “Ride Report – Bikebug Randonnee

  1. Hi! Nice post – can I ask if you had done 120km before and if not how you found it? My first target for 2016 is 100 miles (160km) but I’m a bit worried about how I’ll get on! I think like you said – some new kit (hopefully for Xmas!) will make it all the easier 😉

    • Hiya! Thanks. Yes I’ve ridden over 200km before. Which is why it’s so frustrating to have to start my fitness from scratch. It’s just about building up to it. And for these distances you need proper nutrition as well to get you through

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