This blog was started mostly for my own personal therapy, to illustrate my journey from having bung lungs (pulmonary emboli) to competing in my very first triathlon. Turns out I’m not so bad at triathlon and in my first season in the sport I qualified and raced for Australia at the World Championships. In my second season I completed my first Ironman and raced at Kona, the holy grail. I hope my story can motivate others to take ownership of their health and be inspired to overcome whatever odds they are facing in life.

Never say never, because if you believe in yourself anything can happen.

Name: Zoe Williams

Age: 26

Enjoys: watching the Kardashians, dressing gowns, singing in the shower, anything with the word ‘pinot’.

My passion has always been running. I love it. It’s my freedom; it’s my stress release.  I ran a marathon back in 2008 so I’m no stranger to physical challenges and do have a propensity for endurance events. A lot has happened since 2008 – overseas trips have left me overweight and under motivated, I have started a full time job in marketing and often work 12 hour days in the office, I have moved into the big smoke and had to give up my darling puppy, Stella. I have also battled life threatening blood clots in my lungs (for the purpose of this blog, aka ‘bung lung’).

A night on the town prior to getting sick


In the emergency room awaiting diagnosis

5 responses to “About

  1. Hey Zoe, its been a long time! Just been checking out the blog, proud of you and how you always strive to overcome the challenges that you face with 110% effort with 110% result. Best of luck with the world championships, im certain you will do well and make everyone who knows you very proud 🙂

  2. Hey Zoe, have just spent the last hour reading your blog!!! Wow what an incredible journey… I really hope you make it to London just so I can come cheer you on!!! 😀 Alexxx

    • Hey Alex! Thanks for your comment. Long time no speak! Its just crazy right. I will be sure to keep you in the loop.


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