Geelong 70.3 Race Report

This was one of the best courses, and most enjoyable weekends of racing I’ve ever had! Whilst not stoked with my result (9th in my AG, time of 5:06), it’s what I deserve and has provided a good benchmark which I know I can improve on.

The fun started with a road trip from Sydney. Me, my Mum and Jason Derulo in the car for two days. What could be a recipe for disaster was really fun. Think Taylor Swift on repeat and wedding planning! Plus we stayed overnight half way with some family at Cootamundra to see their new farm.

Geelong half ironman road trip

Upon arriving in Geelong the weather was clear and sunny and Ironman never ceases to put on a grand event to build excitement. I was surprisingly calm the days before the race. Which I think now was some flatness in my training.

It was a bay swim, which Coach had predicted would be fast and give the lead girls a head start. Needless to say he was right (as always) and the leaders were onto the bike 6 minutes ahead of me! I actually swam quite well, and had good feet cover the whole way, but am just not fast enough for Half Ironman distance (yet!)

The bike was undulating and a little windy but I loved it and put a few minutes back into the front runners. I’m riding better than I ever have and was able to relax and conserve myself as I knew the run would be tough.

Geelong half ironman bike leg

The temperature started to soar as we went out onto the run. I knew the lead girls weren’t far in front and normally I would love being able to chase them down but instead I struggled. Partly to do with not eating enough throughout (rookie error), and partly just not having the kilometers in my legs to go fast (yet!) The positive was that I held my place; I honestly thought they would all fly past me.

Geelong half ironman run leg

After crossing the finish line it took me a full hour to come-to and be able to converse and walk again. That in itself is satisfying – knowing I gave it everything I had and left it all on the race course.

Swim 32:26. Bike 2:38:13. Run 1:51:00.

Geelong half ironman finish line

This race has proved to me that hard work speaks for itself. I’ve done the work on the bike and it shows. My swim is going well, just need to up the speed sets, and my run is coming back slowly. Although it’s happening a lot slower than I would like.

Shameless shout out to my support crew on the day and my support team behind the scenes back home. Onwards and upwards!

Bikebug | Performance by 3 | Athlete Lab | Pave the Way Bike Fitters | Rudy Project Australia | Pearl Izumi Run

geelong half ironman support crew

Geelong half ironman

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