Proudly Supported By

Bike Bug


The greatest bike shop ever! Located in North Sydney and Rosebery, with recent expansions to Melbourne and the Gold Coast. I have been on Team Bikebug for 3 years now and value their friendly support and advice. A family based business, Bikebug offers fast delivery (shipped nationally) for emergency essentials. Bikebug is also the primary stockist of Ridley Bikes and Ornot cycling to Australia.

Performance By 3 (PB3) Coaching – Chris Hanrahan


Chris has nurtured me from a total novice to Ironman and back again. I thank him for continually having faith in me! His technical expertise and honest approach is what originally attracted me to this high performing squad, who has since become like family. The thing I love about Chris’ program is there’s no faffing about – results come first and foremost from hard work and as such the squad culture is hard working, passionate and super supportive.

Athlete Lab

athlete lab

An indoor cycling studio, with sessions based on intensity and FTP output. Go hard or go home!

Pave the Way Bike Fitters

pave the way bike fit logo

Run by Tom Petty and using the ‘Retul’ 3D Motion Capture System. This is the most accurate bike fit around and has dramatically improved my comfort and performance on the bike.


Pearl Izumi Run

pearl logo

Wearing the N2 for mileage and the N1 for racing. A great range of shoes that has transformed my running and supported my legs through injury. Stocked at the Running Company Bondi

Rudy Project Australia

Rudy Project - Technically cool

Leading helmet and cycling sunglasses brand with top of the line technical products. I seriously would not survive without my photochromic lenses (that transition with the light)! Rudy also has some sweet casual sunglasses that I rock on the weekends.

The Lung Foundation

lung foundation

Because creating awareness for lung issues is important to me. If I can help even one other person and prevent them from going through what I did, that is a positive.

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