Product Review of the Pearl Izumi Trail N2s in San Francisco

No matter where I travel, I always pack a pair of Pearl Izumi trainers, as running is the best way to explore new places and easiest form of exercise to keep up when I’m out of town. Today’s product review comes to you from the sunshine state of California, USA! The reason I’m here is to compete in the JP Morgan Challenge International Championship, a 5.6km corporate fun run in San Francisco.

Setting off to explore around the San Francisco Bay Area proved the perfect way to break in my new Pearl Izumi Trail Shoes, whilst shaking off the jet lag. My route today took me on footpaths and road (naturally the first thing I did was to attack up the Divisidero, which so happens to be the biggest hill in the city), through the bushy trails of Golden Gate Park, across sandy Baker Beach and up the rocky cliff face of the Ridge Trail to the Golden Gate Bridge, before pacing the last 5km home on gravelly path to Fort Mason. Scenic to say the least but also perfect testing conditions.

The Trail N2s are naturally thicker in support and heel to toe drop as required for rough terrain, but still feel light and mobile. The seamless design which is a signature trait of Pearl Izumi ensures flexibility and the shoes really do fit like a glove. Importantly for me, the N2s have neutral support as I wear orthotics (other support structures are available to match your unique pronation). My favourite feature of the Trail N2s are the laces loops on the tongue to prevent slippage. A minor feature I know, but very important.

Overall, the best way to describe the Pearl Izumi range is simplicity. Other than the fluoro designs (which I love), there is nothing hoo-haa about these shoes. They’re supportive and durable whilst being light and fit perfectly. What more could you want?! Further, these features are consistent right across the range. I never need to try new models on because the entire range is consistent in size and feel and I’m very luck to be able to move between my training (Road N2), racing (Road N1) and now trail shoes with comfort and ease.

Pearl Izumi Shoes are available from the Running Company Bondi Beach if you’d like to give them a whirl

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