Love Hate Relationship

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Quite a few people lately have been enquiring into exactly what I do for training.  When I give them the general run down – twice a day, 6 days a week, they look shocked that I can fit that much in! Hint for doing so: don’t sleep very much and give up all hope of a social life 😉 So over the next few weeks I will be doing a deep dive into some of my training sessions.  One of my favourites is the training I do at the Athlete Lab.  But I use the term ‘favourite’ here loosely as this is also the most intense session, so I love it and hate it at the same time!

The Athlete Lab is a virtual reality indoor cycling studio, and it is mental!  By virtual reality I mean there is a big screen with real life footage of riders in the Canadian Rockies, and other grueling mountain ranges.  So it’s like you’re there riding with them.  Lately we have been putting up Youtube replays of the ITU series.  Super motivating.

All the training sessions focus on building FTP (Functional Threshold Power).  This measures the maximum amount of power you can maintain for an hour without fatiguing, so it’s basically a measure of your strength and endurance.  In the Lab, you go hard or go home, and the best thing about this is you can get a better training session in 60 minutes that you could in 3 hours out on the road.  Using adjusta stationary bikes on computrainers, the Lab allows a personalized training session, specific to your threshold and ability each time.  And with the numbers up on the screen in front of you, there is no hiding or slacking off. It pushes me to my limits and I absolutely love it!

Examples of a few sessions I have done are below

“Ironmania”, Coz you gotta be a maniac to do it – 90 minutes, 6 x 10min intervals at 110% FTP, with 3min rest.

“Sprint Intervals” – 60 minutes, 8 reps of decreasing intervals (as time goes down, intensity goes up to 150% FTP).

I have learnt a lot about my body through these sessions, certainly that lactic acid build up leaves me nauseous and shaky.  But it is making me so much stronger on the bike and for that reason I cannot help but love it.  Thanks to the guys at the Lab for being so great.  Did I mention they do water bottle refills too, so there is seriously no excuses!

athlete lab

4 responses to “Love Hate Relationship

  1. Great post and an inspiring story in general. I am a spinning instructor and intrigued by the Athlete Lab and the concept of FTP. Great info, happy blogging

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment. It always hurts, but has helped me improve so much! I kind of enjoy indoor cycling more than outdoor. Its safer at least..

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