Sydney to Gong Bike Ride – The parade of the padded pants!

Sunday 4th November, 2012

90km from Sydney Park, to North Beach, Wollongong

The BF has done this ride twice before and so I joined in with his group.  However being the only girl and with a bike whose chain falls off when you change down gears, I was pretty worried I would get left behind.  Then 3 BMX riders turned up hung-over from the night before and I knew at that point I would not be the one holding the team up!

I learnt from the Spring Cycle that padded bike pants were definitely the way to go. So borrowing Mum’s padded bike pants, and fuelled up on chia seed muffins, I joined the 10,000 other cycling enthusiasts for a leisurely Sunday ride.

And what a ride it was.  I absolutely loved it.  The weather was glorious, riding through the national park was beautiful and the hills didn’t faze me too much.  I have been training pretty solidly for the last 2 months (running, at least) so it was good to see this training aiding my bike leg as well.

I was feeling so great that the last 30kms I was racing past everyone in our group and getting faster up every hill.  I think it’s called getting high from endorphins.  I passed the BF and crossed the finish line first.  4 hours 25 minutes riding time in total. I love being a part of something and getting out in the sunshine and being active.  It just makes you feel good.  As do the well earned beers and sausages at the finish. Such a great day!

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